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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nude of the day........

Today's nail of the day is bought to you by L.A Colors (I just want to correct it to colours!!)
Sorry about the cuticles!!

Shade: French Nail Creme (NP356)

A very nice nude, very flattering. What you are seeing is the result of 4 shades but I think 2-3 is sufficient I just liked applying this so much. For those of you that aren't familiar with this brand it is simply amazing. Polishes are 99p(!) there is a MASSIVE variety of colors!!!

I've always bought mine at PAKS or afro-Caribbean hair shops but I have seen these in the Westfield in Stratford in a shop called Beauty Bay which is on the Lower Ground floor near Starbucks, Deichman etc (Impressive or plain sad?)

They also do make up, which I haven't tried yet but will eventually get around to...

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried L.A Colors

My favourite Nude (1)

Nope not that kind of nude I'm afraid...

I'm a create of habit when it comes to lip colours. I tend to go for Nudes and pinks. Occasionally I branch out to a red, coral or a plum eek!!! I find that Nudes & pinks suit my skintone the best. Whilst I was going through and swatched I realsied I had two groups of nudes, Brown tone and pink toned so I decided to split my nudes post into two. This post is about the brown toned nudes.

Honey Love

This has been my go to for a while now. I love this shade. On my lips its looks so natural. The only thing I dislike is that it is matte but I just chuck a bit of lip balm over this and I'm good to go.


Another nice shade. Bit more of a 60's lipstick, looks good with a smoky eye. Doesn't really need any balm over it and wears well.

A nice neutral shade. Goes on well. As its a glaze it looks quite shiny on its own.

Nude Delight

A good everyday nude. Quite moisturising and lasts a good while. This is the perfect my lips but better colour.I find this similar to Honey Love, just more moisturising. Has a bit of a plastic smell but doesn't last for long.

I have blogged about this before link. This is a great nude, good finish. This has a bit more of an orange tone to it but is a firm favourite.

Bare minimum

I tend to use this with all of my nudes as its only slightly tinted so doesnt alter the colour too much and isn't too greasy feeling on the lips. I hate that it is in a pot but just tend to use a cotton bud or a lip brush.

Prices and stockists/links are as follows:

MAC lipsticks retail at £13.50 and can be purchased from MAC
Sleek True colour lipsticks retail at £4.00 and can be purchased instore from Superdrug & online from sleek.
Sleek Pout polish retails at £4.30 and can be purchased instore from  Superdrug, & online from Sleek.
Rimmel moisture renew retails at  £6.29 and can be purchased instore Superdrug & Boots

Well thats part 1 over look out for part 2...

What's your favourite nude?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Y U NO WORK? (Things I wish I hadn't bought)

Just thought I would do a post about all of the "cult" products that I have tried over the years and can't see what the fuss is about. Please note I'm not bashing these products I'm just stating that they don't work for me.

You'll have to put up with google images of these as I have either binned, given away or sold these products.

YSL Touche Eclat (£25.00) What is the fuss? This confuses me. Is it a highlighter? Is it a concealer? I've tried it as both and it just does nothing for me. I assumed that maybe it was a colour issue but when YSL released other colours I tried it again...nothing...and don't get me started on the price.


Benefit Bad gal lash (£16.50) Firstly the brush is just too damn big! I spend the majority of my experience with this trying not to injure my eye and figuring how to manoeuvre this gigantic brush. This really doesn't do much for the eyes, I find it to be much too watery and this drys up SOOOOO quickly! Again the price...


Benefit porefessional (£23.50) I heard alot of good things about this and figured Benefit must have got something right, this had to be more than just another gimmicky product in beautiful packaging...alas no. This may work for people with teeny, tiny pores but for those of us of with visible pores that show when you put make up on...keep on searching you will find no relief here. I tried this both under and over make up and really have had no luck. The one redeeming feature is that it does mattify but, I don't have very oily skin so can't vouch on it as a mattifier. Shall I mention the price? Nah you already know! Thankfully I got a small bottle from Ebay hence the reason I didn't take part in this years Benefit/magazine freebie.


Lancome juicy tubes (£15.50) Everyone raves about these but I find them far too sticky and those of us with long hair know that lipgloss with the texture of craft glue and hair do not mix.I don't find these to be moisturising in fact, I feel these do absolutely nothing but just sit on my lips like some kind of lip mask. I find the Clinique superbalm to be a preferable alternative.


Bio oil.(£14.99) The smell of this is a real deal breaker. This aside as I can usually get past smells (with the exception of Cocoa butter/Shea butter products)  I don't feel this works and just blocks pores. I think this is hailed as a fix all product but I have tried it on a number of different ailments and have really seen no changes.


Vaseline lip therapy (£1.79) - I felt I had to stipulate usage here because its great for alot of things but I find that for the lips this is another product that just sits on the lips and doesn't real make my lips feel nourished. I find the texture way too slippy and generally people use it in the tin form which just freaks me out. Germ city!!!


Clarins Beauty flash balm (£28.00) Hmmmm what does this do exactly? Is it a mask? Is it a moisturiser? somebody tell me!? I can't help thinking this is nothing more then an expensive moisturiser...

That's enough for today. N.B: If anyone has any tips or tricks related to any of these products they would be greatly appreciated. FYI binning said product or chucking it on a beauty bonfire are not options. K thanks :)

Have you tried these products? Love or hate?

Missing: UK Summer


Last seen for one week in April/May.
We are all very concerned for the safe whereabouts of summer and wish she would let us know she is safe.
If you have seen summer please contact

Friday, 8 June 2012

NOTD: Nicole by Opi - Its all about the glam

This was part of a limited edition Kardashian Kollection by Nicole for Opi. I wasn't too fussed when I first saw it on ASOS but as with all LE now that it is hard to find I want it! The colour is a milky white with a fine purple/pink shimmer that runs through. The bottle is different to the typical opi shape we are used to and the formula is sheer but buildable. It took four coats to get it to what you see in the pictures but it does dry pretty quickly between coats.This was an Ebay purchase from this seller  it is also available from this seller

I have my eye on kim-pletely in love which is similar to this but pink. Laura from Secret diary of a fashion journalist reviewed it here

What do you think of this colour? Will you be buying this?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

MIA - an explanation
I’ve been so busy with work and uni that I haven’t had much time to sit down and bang out some posts. I am definitely going to be changing that. If you follow me on Instagram @mondayschild you will see I have been going spending crazy so have mountains to review. I aim to schedule some stuff for next week which will be business as usual.

Models Own Free Gift (Boots)

Right now Boots are doing a great little deal on the Models Own line. If you purchase 2 or more Model's Own cosmetics (full size) you receive a WAH nail art pen (any colour) as a free gift. The nail pen alone is £6 and works pretty well. This is also available online. Think of the points!!!!!

I used these in my nail art post link

(Left to Right) Jade stone, Lemon Meringue & Nail pen in Black


What do you think of this deal? What will you get?

Nail art - Aztec/Leopard print

I spend alot of time looking at nail art and as you probably have guessed I have alot of the tools I just haven't had the time. I decided to give a couple styles a whirl. I think they came out ok but the problem is I can only do one maybe we'll just leave it to the professionals...for your viewing/laughing pleasure...

Leopard Print
 Base coat: Opi Nail Envy
Base colour: Models Own in Lemon Meringue
Leopard spots: Models Own in Jade stone
Outline: Models own WAH nail art pen in black
Topcoat:Seche vite

Base coat: Opi Nail Envy
Base Colour: China Glaze in Purple panic (neon)
Pattern/half moon: Models own WAH nail art pen in black
Top coat: Seche vite

Models own from Boots
China Glaze from Ebay
Opi from Ebay

What do you think? Do you do any nail art?